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The establishment of the Clinton Fire Department dates back to 1882 when the village fathers recognized the necessity of fire protection for its 931 residents. Albert Tuttle, appointed Fire Warden, advocated for the formation of a hook and ladder company, pledging 2 percent of his insurance company's earnings toward the cause.

A year later, a committee circulated a petition to raise funds through taxation for equipping the fire company, with 60 signatories advocating for the purchase of a fire engine not exceeding $3,000. Trustee J.C. Church negotiated with the Preston Fire Engine Co. for a hook and ladder outfit with 1,000 ft. of hose.

Despite a special election for issuing bonds, the contract with Preston Fire Engine Co. was canceled, leading to ambiguity in records. However, five years later, a fire engine was acquired, drawing water from available cisterns. The village board allocated $1.00 monthly for engine maintenance.

In 1893, the village board decided to discontinue the Fire Company, but by 1895, 35 men sought to re-establish it, appointing P.A. Robinson as fire marshal and procuring a hose cart with 500 ft. of hose. New equipment, including extension ladders and ropes, was acquired in 1896, timely for the village's fire crises that year.

In response to the urgent need for better protection, the Fire Department was reorganized in 1897, setting rules and electing officers. Water supply was enhanced with well drilling and tank installation.

Friction between separate hose and hook-and-ladder companies in 1908 led to the formation of a unified department under F.A. Bird as fire chief. The village hall, built in 1913, housed the fire equipment, with Al Richards serving as chief until 1949. In 1979, the Clinton Fire Department began its Emergency Medical Services with one ambulance. 

Since then, various individuals have served as chiefs, including John Reader, Tom Cosgrove, P.J. Schmalz John Rindfleisch, Gene Wright, and presently Chief Mark Ruosch. 

Despite changes in the years, the Clinton Fire Department continues its proud tradition of service, ensuring the safety of the district's residents.

Group of uniformed men with a hose reel, likely firefighters, in front of a brick building. Vintage tone, historical photo.
Clinton Fire Department 1913- The wagon seen in the picture carried hose lines to fire scenes and was pulled by horses. 
Group of firefighters lined up in front of fire department with firetruck, in an old black and white photo.
Clinton Fire Department in May of 1960-  Left to Right, Robert Kurdis, Darl DuCharme, Byrne Buzzell, Ray Nelson, George Febry, James Johnson, Clarence Tiffany, Howard Dudley, Douglas Wenman, Chief Tom Cosgrove, Clifford Draeger, Wm. Ball, Fred Howland, LaVerne Alwes, Jennes Westerburg, Harry Strom, David Ahlert, Eddie Olson, Rodney Nitz, Ted Ruston, Lester Sonnenberg, Herbert Reffue
May contain: people, person, accessories, formal wear, tie, clothing, footwear, shoe, glove, machine, wheel, transportation, vehicle, fire truck, and truck
Clinton Fire Department circa 1985- Left to Right, BACK ROW: Chief P.J Schmalz, Greg Repaal, Paul Henning, Terry Strom, Herb Draves, Dan Thompson, Leo Mullooly, Rick Peterson, Jeff DuCharme, Mark Manthei, and Jim Korth, FRONT ROW: J.F Rindfleisch, Dennis Conant, D. Nielson, Jeff London, Warren Beckes, Greg Gammeter, Bill Punzel, Bill Johns and  Chuck Statton
A group of firefighters posing in front of a firetruck and their station.
FRONT ROW; Rick Peterson, Dan Thompson, Jim Korth, John Rindfleisch, Larry London, Jeff London, 2nd ROW, Ron Austin, Nick Nielson, Bill Punzel, Roger Johnson,  Bill Johns, Tim Updike, Dan Huisheere, Mike Goodwin
Firefighters standing beside a fire truck outside the Clinton Fire Protection District station.
FRONT ROW, Roger Johnson, Bill Punzel, Jeff London, John Rindfleisch, Tim Updike, BACK ROW, Rick Peterson, Jim Korth, Terry Strom, P.J Schmalz, Jeff DuCharme
Group photo of Clinton EMS team, celebrating their 25th anniversary (1979-2004), with an ambulance in the background.
FRONT ROW; John Rindfleisch, Bruce Rom, Sarah Dangerfield, Tracy Slavin, Shelby Silser, Christa Johnson, Terry Decker, Tim Updike, MIDDLE ROW; Jim Grenawalt, Jackie Klein, Susan Bakka, Mirjane Melin, Kathy Nielson, Patricia Updike, Brenda Behl, BACK ROW, Kevin Grenawalt, Leo Mullooly, Brad Farrell, Karen Shorts, Matt Ball, Brian Beals, Colin Cleland, Stephen Burrhands, Bob Sackmann.
A group of firefighters in uniform posing with two fire trucks; text indicates "Clinton Fire Department 2009."
Clinton Fire Department 2009, Left to Right, BACK ROW; Mike Mullooly, Leo Mullooly, J. R Schmidt, Jason Dygart, Alan Sackmann, Dan Borchardt, Tim Leedle, Brent Kadlec, Matt Ball, Adam Miller, Mike Seach, MIDDLE ROW; Michelle Hudson, Alex Franseen, Andrew Callas, Andrew Benson, Josh Morrison, Justin Grenawalt, Mike Enniseti, Terry Decker, Shannon Davis, Scott Gretschmann, Brian Beals, FRONT ROW, Bob Sackmann, Jeff London, John Rindfleisch, Larry London and Roger Johnson. 
A group of EMS personnel in uniform posing in front of an ambulance, with "Clinton EMS 2009" written at the bottom.
Clinton EMS Personnel 2009, Left to Right, BACK ROW, Jackie Klein, Amanda Scogun, Leo Mullooly, Brian Beals, Matt Ball, Justin Grenawalt, Jim Grenawalt, John Rindfleisch, MIDDLE ROW,  Tanya Miller, Lori Gustafson, Brenda Behl, Debbie Mccmillan , FRONT ROW; Corin Nugent, Alex Franseen, Michelle Hudson, Terry Decker, Tracy Slavin